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Selling your home can feel like everything you have is open to scrutiny. We know that while your home is on the market or under contract, it's still your home. You can expect nothing less than professionalism and respect from Abode & Co. 

With that said, our primary goal is to make sure you get the best price for your home and have fun while doing it. we'll implement industry leading marketing strategies to ensure maximum exposure and walk with you every step of the way.


Photography - The best, most flattering, angles.

Videography - let other's feel how your home flows before showings.

Drone Footage - Stunning photographs you just can't replace.

Print Media - Refined Direct Mailers and Detailed Flyers,

Social Media - shout from The digital mountain tops.

"Selling your home is an opportunity to reflect and celebrate the memories made in it." - Abode & Co.


Assess: The first step to listing you home, believe it or not, doesn't just start with your current residence. We'll ask questions around ideal timeframes for you and your family, where your next adventure will be taking you, as well as some other key pieces of information we'll be collecting throughout the next few steps.

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Calculate: Getting the best price for your home can be complicated, but no worries, we're professionals. We'll determine this by using a unique and effective methodology:

1. Determine optimum profit.

2. Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

3. Review recent upgrades to home

4. Pre-listing inspection (Optional).

5. Determining the final price.


Prep: Preparing your home for showings can feel daunting. it's often filled with thoughts of constant cleaning and a hyper awareness of your homes flaws. Abode & Co. will walk with you and make sure that you spend your time working on things that will make the biggest impact to buyers. We'll assess whether it's appropriate to stage your home as well as coordinate our marketing strategy.

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List: Once we have a formulated a marketing strategy, we will create your home's listing. For this, we will take the time to discuss all the details about your home. We'll review your listing together and once we get the "good to go", make your listing live, and let the showings will begin!



Showings are a big moment, we recommend you make the best of this time since these can happen sporadically while your home is on the market. Take this opportunity to do something fun and enjoyable! During showings, individuals are escorted through your home by licensed real estate agents. We'll brief you on best business practices and ways to ensure your belongings are secured while your out. After, we'll reach out to the agents to gauge interest and share expectations on offers.

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Offers: Once the offers start rolling in, we'll begin the negotiations. If price is what crosses your mind first, then you'd be right... well, mostly. Negotiations can range from closing or possession timeframes, inspections, to home warranties. We will review all offers together and determine choose to accept, counter, or reject. Abode & Co. will ensure you have full confidence with what you are agreeing to. 


Appraisals and Inspections:

All home purchases that require financing will need an appraisal which will be performed by the financial institution. Inspections are decided by the buyer. If the offer we accept requires an inspection, the buyer will select an inspection company and coordinate a time for them to inspect the home. This typically includes a visual and functional assessment of your home's heating and cooling capacity, electrical panels, appliances, as well as structural integrity and potential hazards. The Appraisal is a bit less invasive and the primary purpose is to ensure that the home is valued properly. Once they are complete and if necessary, we'll revisit negotiations and finalize the purchase agreement. 

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Closing: Once the negotiations are over and the purchase agreement is finalized, take a deep breath and do a happy dance while you pack up your utensils! Aside from getting your home move in ready for the next owners, we'll be setting up a time to legally transfer ownership with a title company. This process is called Closing and is your chance to meet the new owners and share in the love for your home!

Ready to Sell with us?

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Home Selling Tips


A 2022 International Association of Home Staging Professionals survey shows that staging helps sell homes anywhere from 3 to 30 times faster than the nonstaged competition. Further, staging can help increase the sale price by up to 20% on average.

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