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St. Patty’s Day with JD & Fortlandia Brewing

3/17/23, 9:00 PM

IT'S YOUR LUCKY DAY!  Joseph Decuis and Fortlandia Brewing have joined together to create an Irish celebration of  fabulous foods matched with specially brewed beers for the event.  Check out the menu!  The 4 course dinner (plus Hoppy Hour) is creative and delicious using traditional Celtic foods and ingredients with our farm fresh goodness like Wagyu and Mangalitsa.  And for the beer - who wouldn't like to try "Blow Me Bagpipes" a Scottish Ale or "Erin go Bragh" an Irish Red.  

Hoppy Hour starts at 5:00 with a choice of brews and light snacks.  Dinner will begin promptly at 6:30.  Check out the menu!! 

COST is : $75 which includes hoppy hour and beer pairings.  Tax & gratuity is not included. 

NOTE: Not a beer drinker? It's okay, there is a special price of $55 if you prefer not to have the brews with your dinner.  

NOTE: Friday in Lent and you need a non-meat menu?  No worries, let us know with your reservation (by Wednesday 3/15) and it will be taken care of! 

NOTE: Don't want to miss out on the Irish Shenanigans and party fun?  You are welcome to take a wee walk down Main Street after dinner here in Roanoke to the lads & lassies at the Copper Still for more fun and  some Irish whiskey "Shamrock toasts."  

MAKE YOUR RESERVATION AND JOIN US for a fun night of great food, drink and festive Irish fun.

Time: 5:00 pm - 8:00 pm

*Reservations Required

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